Product Information

How to install:

After downloading click on the ‘instantAdminV4_3_installer.dmg’ file name in your downloads folder (this can be accessed from the button on the top right of Safari or using the Finder) and the Disk Image will be opened where you should be able to see the instantAdminV4_3 folder and a 'MOVE to Applications' text file. You need to move the instantAdminV4_3 folder into your Applications folder as follows...

With the 'Finder' open (as it should already be) go to 'File' > 'New Finder Window'. Now drag and drop the instantAdminV4_3 folder onto the 'Applications' folder name as listed on the left hand side of the new Finder window.

Now open your Applications folder and you should see the instantAdminV4_3 folder listed within, open it and you will see the file, double click to launch instantAdmin and follow the instructions.

NOTE: Be careful not to copy the ‘instantAdminV4_3_installer.dmg’ file into Applications by mistake and do not run instantAdmin from this installer disk image as it will be read only and won't work properly.

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