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You can set instantAdmin to automatically print a delivery note each time you print an invoice, simply set the ‘Delivery Notes’ option button to ‘Yes’ this can be found on the ‘Delivery Note Setup’ page on the new and main invoices page.

The delivery note is the same as the invoice but with only the descriptions and quantities showing, no financial data is shown. The delivery note number is the same as the invoice number and the ‘Packed’ date is the same as the invoice date. Header graphics and text are also the same as those set for the invoice headers.

If the ‘Delivery Notes’ option is set to ‘Yes’ you’ll get the option to print a delivery note each time you print an invoice. When you go to print an invoice you’ll get a print dialogue box where you can select ‘Print’ or ‘Cancel’, you’ll then get a second print dialogue box for the delivery note where you can also ‘Print’ or ‘Cancel’. This gives you flexibility if you need to print more delivery notes than invoices or vice versa.

There’s a blank box created in the footer area which you can enter default text into if required and/or can be used for signatures and such as required.

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